Contest «Young artist»

III Open Art Competition

November 2018 – March 2019
«Young artist» is an open art competition for gifted children and teenagers in the fine arts.

Anyone can become a participant of the Contest at the age of 9-18 years.

Participation in the competition is free.

Declare yourself
Become participants of the contest
Show your skills and talent
Manage to become the best in drawing, painting ( sculpture), composition
Visit Moscow, see the sights
Visit museums in Moscow
Make new friends
About Competition
The organizers
The Moscow Academic Art Lyceum of the Russian Academy of Arts with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and with the participation of:
  • Russian Academy of Arts;
  • Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after VI. Surikov at the Russian Academy of Arts.
Main goals and objectives of the Competition
  • Identification and support of young talents.
  • Establishment of creative contacts between participants from different countries.
  • The development of creative communications between educational institutions of artistic direction.
  • Creation of favorable conditions for cultural development and creative exchange of participants.
  • Presentation of own creative achievements.
Condition of participation
Anyone from 9 to 18 years old can become a Participant.

To participate in the Competition are accepted: sketches, sketches, drawings, painting and sculptural sketches, composition sketches in painting, graphics, sculpture or architectural and design sketches made in any technique (graphite pencil, ink, sanguine, sepia, gouache, watercolor, tempera, oil, clay, sculptural one-color clay, terracotta, gypsum, etc.).

Stage of competition
I. Registration of Participants

from November 10, 2018 to February 10, 2019

For participation in the correspondence tour
you should from

10 Nov 2018 to 10 Feb 2019

1. Register (fill in the registration form)
2. Send to the e-mail of the Contest, according to the age group (see addresses below):
- a copy of the identity document;
- the photo of the author;
- photos of works (not less than 5 and not more than 10 works of each author, digital photo in jpg (jpeg) format (recommended size 1920 x 1080 pixels ). -for participants 9 -11 years -for participants 12-13 years -for participants 14-15 years - for participants 16 to 18 years

Summing up the absentee round and the announcement of its results will be held February 18, 2019

Participation in the correspondence round is free.

II. Internal Round in Moscow

from 25 March to 29 March 2019

Full-time tour will be held in the Moscow academic art Lyceum at the address: Moscow, Krymsky Val, 8, korp.2.
The full-time program includes master-classes of artists and sculptors and teachers of the Moscow academic art Lyceum Russian Academy of ARTS, excursions to museums of Moscow.
Full-time program participants can bring 3 creative work out of those sent for the correspondence round.
Full-time round is carried out in the following directions:
DRAWING (sketches from nature; drawing from life);
COMPOSITION (a sketch on a given topic).
Any materials are used.
The jury of competition
The Chairman of the jury is the President Of the Russian Academy of arts Zurab Tsereteli The members of the jury-academicians of the Russian Academy of arts, artists, sculptors.
Summing up and awards
Three winners of the correspondence round will be invited to Moscow to participate in the full-time round. (accommodation and excursion program at the expense of the host party).

The winners of the Contest "Young artist" receive DIPLOMAS and GIFTS.